Upcoming Workshop: “In Other Words: Diction and Wordplay in Poetry”

I’ll be leading a poetry workshop at the Fairhaven Library, Saturday morning, March 21st to benefit the Boynton Poetry Contest. Here’s the description:

In a poem, every word matters. Poets choose words not only for their meaning(s), but also for their associations, the way they look on the page, the way they feel in the mouth and sound to the ear. In this workshop, we’ll focus on a poem’s basic unit. We’ll read poems that revel in the specificity and physicality of words, we’ll revise one in-process poem through guided wordplay, and we’ll develop individual lexicons from which we’ll launch new work.Please bring 1-2 in-process poems as well as paper and a writing utensil.

Hope you can join us! Find registration info and more here: https://thepoetrydepartment.wordpress.com/workshops/